The secrets of Sri Lanka

The secrets of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka might have emerged as the “hot” holiday destination of 2016, filling the Instagram feeds of a studiously beach-boho set drawn to its reliable surf and covetable new crop of chic boutique hotels, but the real highlight for me was somewhat scruffier, and far further inland.

Taking the (very) slow scenic train from the tea hills of Talawakelle to the mountain town of Haputale, I was not alone in hanging gleefully out of the windows, looking down at terrifying drops into fairytale forests and out across the hills towards the sea. As a tourist, it’s likely you’ll be urged to buy a seat in the first-class carriage of such a train, but don’t bother – air conditioning and televisions screening Jurassic Park can’t compete with the rush of Sri Lanka’s super-fresh mountain air whooshing at you through an open window.

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